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A personal adventure travel blog

Emerald cave

Christian Anderson

Up early for Koh Mook's number 1 tourist attraction - the Murakot (or emerald) Cave - a jagged tear in the sea cliff leading into blue black darkness - follow the twists and turns correctly and you'll emerge into a hidden beach on the other side. Cheryl and I decided to team up for this one and, on Brian's advice, we were kayaked up and paddling out by 8am to beat the day trippers to the prize - the Murakot with no-one else around. Navigating from Had Farang was super difficult - follow the coast North until you see the big sign saying "Murakot Cave"... Then, spin the kayak around (by this time the two of us were virtually olympic standard with the paddles) and launch into the unknown. So cool - it was properly pitch black and, with a kink at the start then a dog leg halfway through, there was no "light at the end of the tunnel" crap to settle the nerves, all of which heightened the effect when we finally popped out of the other end alone into the mini Lost World beyond.

A collapsed limestone sinkhole, the beach sits on one curve of a circular space no more than 50m across, with a mini jungle on the other face, and sheer walls rising to a blue sky - and we had it to ourselves - result...

Photos knocked off, we had a neat half hour of splashing around the shallows before the next punters emerged from the darkness - husband and wife round the world sailors from the UK. Knowing it would be no more than 30 minutes before the day trippers formed an unbroken chain of noise and light through the tunnel, we left the place to the yachties, paddling back to Farang Beach with big smiles under blue skies, ready for a serious breakfast - mission accomplished before most on the island had emerged from their mossie nets.

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